Friday, March 31, 2017

Thirty Days Later: My Journey In Creating a Writerly Life 30! Wohoo! I made it!

I am a BIG fan of challenges. There is something uniquely appealing in the idea of makingdoing, creating, following, practicing, and/or being for a set number of hours, days, weeks, months, etc. I enjoy the routine, the predictability, the accomplishment, the feeling of pride, and the achievement. Especially once I have accomplished the task for the day. I may not always enjoy the run, but I ALWAYS enjoy having run. I certainly don't always like writing, but I enjoy that I haven't broken the streak.

When I started this challenge on March 2nd (a day later than I had hoped), I knew I could do it. I knew it would be a challenge; that writing and posting my writing would make me feel vulnerable. I knew there would be days when I just didn't want to write (many more than I thought). I knew I would suffer from writer's block (also more times than I thought I would). But I knew I could do it! I mean, I am no stranger to challenges like this. I have completed two Whole30s, #the100dayproject (I started mine last April 1st), and trained for several half marathons, some 10Ks, and countless 5Ks. On Monday I started a new challenge, the #sketch50 (TwitterInstagram) challenge introduced to me by Amber McCormick. This is in addition to the meditation streak I have going and the 30-day writing/blog posting challenge I have assigned myself. Remember, I like a challenge.

What I've Learned

During the course of the past 30 days I have become aware of a lot of things about myself. I really do like writing. It's an amazing creative outlet that I haven't truly explored as an adult (or even as a kid). There is something magical about sitting down with a pen and a blank sheet in my notebook or sitting like a pretzel on my couch with my laptop keeping my legs warm and watching as ideas flow from my brain to my fingers to the keyboard to make letters appear on the screen.

When I get blocked, writing is a chore! The good thing about having the pressure to write daily is, you work through the pain. I posted some garbage this month, but I wrote. And that was my goal.

What Surprised Me

  • I am surprised by the number of people who interacted with my blog and with me. Your comments and tweets kept me going. Some, like the tweet about "Send It In An Email" got me thinking. 
  • I am surprised by what content you liked. Last night's Beauty and the Beast post, which was the byproduct of writer's block and an idea that has been swimming in my head for over a week, got a lot of feedback. As did "Bedtime Stories" and "I Am One Lucky Teacher".
  • I'm surprised that the more I write, the more people seem to read. I know someone is thinking, "Enough, already." Thankfully, no one has been so unkind as to say it to my face or digitally.

What's Next

So what's next? As I write my final daily blog post and think about plans to nurture my fledgling writerly life, and as I start my next daily project with the #sketch50, I am thinking about what's really next. What will I do to continue to grow and challenge myself? I know there is more. There is so much more. I am committing to posting 3 times per week here on the blog and posting daily on my Instagram account. I plan to continue weekly posts like "#PodcastPD" and "Learning In the Loo". The final post will be something a little meatier, like my "One Word for 2017". Please keep me accountable.  If you stay the course with me, there will be more to come. I am working on a new project, one that has been in my head for nearly a year and is slowly becoming something. I think you'll like it!

Thank You!!!

I thank you for coming on this journey with me. I hope I made you laugh a little, think a lot, and want to stretch your muscles and try something new. What are your next 30 days going to bring?


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