Sunday, April 2, 2017

#PodcastPD: Lessons Learned From the House of #EdTech

The March Madness Final is tomorrow night. I can't pretend to be interested in the tournament, but Chris Nesi always captures my attention this time of year with his yearly #EdTech Final Four. In episode 82 of The House of #EdTech, Chris shares his picks for 2017. I've used three of the final four. Oddly enough, the one that's new to me,, is the one I will likely find most helpful. Enjoy Chris' other recommendations and be sure to check out the other 82 episodes (I have appeared on three episodes; let me know if you give them a listen).

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If you are going to teach more shortcuts about using a computer then count me in your program. There is nothing better than speeding up your working process

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