Saturday, March 18, 2017

Today I Missed a Day of Learning...Or Did I?

This third Saturday in March marked The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project's 92nd Saturday Reunion, and for the 4th time in the 11 years I have been attending, I missed a reunion. I am heartbroken, yet proud of my decision not to attend this weekend's reunion. And though this is the second reunion I have missed this school year, my Teachers College (TC) PD has been phenomenal, today, and this year as a whole. 

As an educator it's hard to attend ALL the PD (insert poor-teacher joke here), but as a mom, I am finding it harder and harder to leave my boys behind on the weekend, especially when a month has the potential to be FULL of PD (last weekend was the EdCamp Summit, this weekend was TC, and next weekend is EdCamp Urban). So, tough decisions need to be made. The decision to skip TC this weekend was made easier when my mentor and long time friend, Aline Galvano, told me she needed to cancel. Since she is my ride into the city, my next thought was whether I wanted to rely on my chauffeur (aka NJ Transit) to get me into the city. I hemmed and hawed until I heard the weather report, which did not seem promising. That right there, folks was the deciding factor.

I was bummed about missing the Saturday Reunion...until...I logged onto Twitter and saw all of the #tcrwp tweets! Other educators from around the world (TC draws a wide audience) had been tweeting all day about their learning and a quick look at the hashtag had me almost feeling like I was there. 

While not quite the same, using a conference hashtag can help you get the gist of a conference. Couple that with a Vox or face to face chat with a live participant, and it's almost like being there, without the added cost of attendance. Don't believe me? Check out some of these hashtags:
I look forward to digging deeper into the #tcrwp and #cue17 conversations over the next few days. What conferences and PD have you attended virtually? Did you suffer from a serious case of FOMO? How did twitter help? 
Skip the FOMO and us the hashtag!


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