Friday, March 24, 2017

#PodcastPD: Lessons Learned From Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers S3EP14

Generally the plan for the #PodcastPD: Lessons Learned series is to write about one podcast episode from a week of podcast listening (so far I have listened to 9 different episodes since Monday). Each post consists of the accompanying sketchnote I create while listening and is released on Sundays. Today is not Sunday, and I listened to this podcast episode nearly a year ago, but after yesterday's post about how to prepare for a conference requested by your child's teacher, I wanted to follow up with how to prepare for a "Bad News" conference. I have been thinking about the post for a solid portion of the last two days when I happened to look through an old sketchnote notebook and found this...

In episode 14 of season 3 of Truth for Teachers, Angela Watson offers her 10 Tips for Conveying Bad News in a Parent-Teacher Conference. I am pleased to say that RJ's teacher did a great job incorporating many of Angela's tips into ur meeting (which lasted nearly 2 hours-I'm not sure how or why, and it didn't feel that way). I am happy he has a teacher who cares so much; he is in good hands.

What tips do you have for a "Bad News" conference? 


Everyone learned a lot of lessons from it and I am glad that they found it in time. Hope it stays in the right hand because we just can't mange to lose it a time like this.

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