Monday, March 20, 2017

Not So Happy On This International Day of Happiness

To know me is to know that I am a pretty smily person; happy go lucky, trying to see the positive side in everything. Only those who know me well are privy to the darker sides of my moods. The complaining/venting, the quick burst of anger that need an immediate outlet, like a tea kettle bursting with steam. Still, I try to keep my negativity in check and focus on the brighter side of things.

However, today, on the International Day of Happiness, I am feeling pretty melancholy. I have a very severe case of the Mondays. The day's events- multiple frazzled-teacher requests, frustrating tech issues, PARCC security training, and a BOE meeting that has me near tears for my district and the students and teachers in my town, coupled with the "deflating" accounts of my colleagues' experiences on this first day of spring, have me feeling like an Eeyore when I much prefer to be a Tigger.

My saving grace? March 20th is nearly over. I can go to sleep and wake up to a new day, a day where I choose positivity over the alternative. I will meditate, breathe, and be calm. I will focus on family and friends. I will change my mood. I might even try some of the suggestions on Happy Acts.

Maybe the answer to my problem is I am in need of a good run. That's it...tomorrow I will lace up my running shoes and chase my blues away! How do you chase your blues away?


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