Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Edu Bucket List

As teachers it's hard not to be goal orientated and driven toward something better for ourselves; we write yearly professional development plans, create daily objectives for our students, attend professional development with the hope of learning something new that can be used immediately in the classroom, etc. Oddly enough, while I have goals and aspirations as an educator, I never considered what might be on my Edu Bucket List...that is until I was prompted into sharing my bucket list with the #BFC530 community during one of their recent daily twitter chats. Still, I was stumped, thinking to myself that such a list did not exist for me. And then I started seeing other's responses and realized that I truly DO have an Edu Bucket List and I LOVE that it keeps me on the path of learning. Here it is:

  1. Google Educator-levels 1 & 2 
  2. Google Certified Trainer/Innovator
  3. Another degree (something to get me to +30 in a masters +30)
  4. Admin certification 
  5. A title prefix and the accompanying degree (I have always liked the sound of Dr. Lindes)

I tell you this not to feel important or grand in my goals, but to make myself transparent and to ask for your help in keeping me accountable. 

What's included in your Edu Bucket List?


Awesome list. Thanks for sharing. Your edu-pal, V

Apple Distinguished Educator is one of the items on my list.

Thanks, friends. Sharing our goals is one way to move us toward them. Dan, ADE is in your future!

I’m so grateful for this information. I like your blog

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