Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Introducing Learning in the Loo

Back in January I started a bi-weekly series dubbed Learning in the Loo, a volume of quick tech tidbits that could be picked up while using any of the teacher's restrooms in my middle school. I thought the idea was brilliant and had to borrow it from Kathi Kersznowski who, I believe, borrowed it from someone else (teachers love to share and I thank Kathi for sharing this idea with our group!). Since its inception at the start of the new year, I have heard mostly positive feedback, so... I thought I would share that little bit of knowledge here. Come back next week for another Tech Tuesday and another t-issue of Learning in the Loo!

Do you have some Pee-PD you would like to share with my staff? Tell me about your favorite tech tip, app or extension.


I keep my fingers crossed for you and I hope that more people will find out about your blog.

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