Friday, March 17, 2017

I Am One Lucky Teacher

The luck of the Irish...

As I started to reflect on my day and think about this post I realized that I am one lucky teacher! Today was a wonderful day, full of Irish spirit, lots of green, yoga, Pi Day, wild animals, and first graders. I know, seems like a lot for St. Patrick's Day!

Here are some photo highlights from the day, which started with this beautiful spread at my school.

Green Breakfast provided by the TGMS Social Committee

Next stop was green screening at one of our elementary schools for their annual Match/Science Day. I wish I could share pictures of those adorable first graders, but... Green screens and St. Patrick's day don't mix. Digital fail. This is a friendly blog-no floating heads here!

After a delicious lunch I had time to explore one of my favorite teachers, The Bug Guy, who shared two of his favorite friends with me.

Rosy and me. Her legs/feet felt quite unusual on my bare skin.
Linda and I in a warm embrace. He is quite the hugger. Yes, HIS name is Linda!

Linda let me hold him before putting him back in his bag.

After Math/Science Day I headed over to the Board Office to meet with my director to discuss my final evaluation for the year. I look forward to this meeting each year, as it has me waxing philosophical and puts me in the right frame of mind to start reflecting on the year that has transpired and prepares me to start thinking up the year ahead. While waiting for my director to return I ventured down the hallway to one of my favorite 5th grade classrooms and had the opportunity to see this...

5th grade students hold one of their first yoga classes.

After a long and thoughtful meeting with my director (where we solved all of the problems in the digital world), I rewarded myself with some pie. Our annual Pi Day was postponed due to the snow day on Tuesday. Being one of the last members of my department to arrive, the rest of the pie was mine!!!

Five varieties of pie. I sampled all but one.

I LOVE Pi Day!
On this St. Patrick's Day I realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. I truly am one lucky teacher!!!

What makes you lucky? What are you thankful for?