Saturday, March 11, 2017

Be More Duck

Today during #EdCampSummit we were challenged as groups to create #unkeynotes. Here's the one we created as a group...

It was a great challenge that was presented to 12 groups. While feeling totally vulnerable, I was slated to present slide 2, which followed a slide calling all participants to Be More Beaver. I will admit that in recent years I have adopted the duck as my spirit animal/#edu patronus-an animal that reminds me how to behave when out in the wilds of my school, district, and the world.

You can imagine, then, when my #edupatronus was shared with other groups to present during their #unkeynote. Mockery and disdain resulted from the following image. Soon (hopefully tomorrow) I will share why the duck is my adopted spirit animal and why I think the room read the image incorrectly. Until then, what is your edu patronous/ spirit animal?


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