Thursday, March 9, 2017

Balance: Part 1

I had every intention of writing a full blog post, and then my son said, "Mommy, will you snuggle with me?" Then my older son chimed in with a, "Me, too!"

An OLD photo that Facebook shared as a memory.
Proof that time is moving swiftly.

So...I snuggled. Because I wanted to. Because I want them to know they are first. Because they won't want to snuggle for ever. Because they are growing up too quickly. And because I will be away all weekend learning with some of the best educators in the area, and I wanted all the time I could get to snuggle with them. And now I am signing off to go pack for the weekend and give them one last kiss goodnight.


Fabulous post! I hope those boys surprise you and snuggle for years to come!

I sort of did the same this last night as I got home late from Rutgers and Miles was sort of awake when I got home and asked if I would lay with him for a few minutes. He fell asleep with in two minutes but I stayed for about 30.

Thanks, Jennifer! Snuggle time is my favorite!

Emily, I am hoping for the same thing. I will be sad when if the day comes when they no longer wish to snuggle.

Chris, sometimes I snuggle a bit longer just to hear them breathing. There is such peace in that.

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