Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh My Goodness! What Have I Done?!?!

I've done it! I've pulled the trigger. I've pushed the button. I've opened my wallet and in less than 60 seconds I have managed to spend more money in one sitting than I have ever done in my entire life (except maybe in December).

My heart is beating wildly in my chest and my hands are shaking as I draft this post. I am experiencing the same nervous sense of excitement that is the norm before a BIG race - say a half marathon - from what others might consider a simple purchase.

I can't wait for the box(es) carrying my purchase to arrive at school! I can only begin to imagine how big the box(es) will be! It will be a restless few days of waiting.

Mystery Box 2 Clip Art

Any guess on what I purchased? On Monday we'll find out together! Until then...


How could you leave us hanging like that Stacey?!?!?!?

Sorry to leave you in wait, Connie! I hope you have a few more minutes to spare as I type up the reveal post...

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