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Thursday, February 25, 2016

What's In the Box? - The Reveal

My apologies for the delay in this post. I know I promised to have it to you on Monday, unfortunately illness had me home from school for two days and I was unable to open the boxes after the weekend as promised.
What's in the boxes?!?!?!

If your reading this after my original post, chances are you may have waited a week to discover what was in the box. I thank you for indulging me with guesses, silly or otherwise. Your responses tell me you are almost as excited as I am.

And now the wait is over (or nearly over)-it's time to discover what was in the box. But first, let's discuss some of your guesses!

If you know anything about me, you might guess it's a new pair of running shoes or some other equipment meant to get me laced up and back out on the road, in training for my next race. Perhaps spending some big bucks on running gear might get me motivated to run again...I sure know I miss it!

If you know me well maybe you guessed I dropped big bucks and loaded my amazon cart with a "library" of new books, but in truth, my TBR list of books I ALREADY own could keep any bookworm happy for the balance of 2016!
One of my TBR lists.
This one is from #Read4Fun
Or if you REALLY know me, you guessed that I splurged on a fancy "house" set Harry Potter books. Alas, the sorting hat is still not certain where I belong. Maybe once I get my letter from Hogwarts I'll stop by Flourish and Blotts for a new set (my 4th) of Harry Potter books.

Tired of guessing? Tired of having your guesses shot down? Want me to just tell you already?

Ok, here it is...after nearly a year of saying I would NEVER do it, and eight months after being approved for a grant from the West Windsor Plainsboro Education Foundation, I am the proud owner of...

My Podcasting Equipment

That's right, this tech coach is getting ready to enter the wonderful world of PODCASTING with the students and teachers at her school!

So what exactly was in the box? Two Behringer Q802USB Mixers, six Samson Q2U Handheld Dynamic Microphones, and six of those foamy things that go on the mic (just kidding, they're called windscreens)!

I'm still as excited and maybe even more nervous about my purchases than I was last week. Why? you ask. Because now that you know what's in the box, I imagine your next question will be, "Now what?"


Stay tuned next week to find out how this adventure begins to unfold!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh My Goodness! What Have I Done?!?!

I've done it! I've pulled the trigger. I've pushed the button. I've opened my wallet and in less than 60 seconds I have managed to spend more money in one sitting than I have ever done in my entire life (except maybe in December).

My heart is beating wildly in my chest and my hands are shaking as I draft this post. I am experiencing the same nervous sense of excitement that is the norm before a BIG race - say a half marathon - from what others might consider a simple purchase.

I can't wait for the box(es) carrying my purchase to arrive at school! I can only begin to imagine how big the box(es) will be! It will be a restless few days of waiting.

Mystery Box 2 Clip Art

Any guess on what I purchased? On Monday we'll find out together! Until then...