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Monday, November 16, 2015

You're Invited!

My invitation arrived via Twitter at 9:00 am exactly 10 days ago. I was excited for the invite...it's been a while since I've been to this party and I've missed the energy and excitement that comes with attendance. And Jen Williams knows how to throw a party and host an event! The conversation, the idea sharing, the fun and the new learning promised during this party was more than enough to make my RSVP a definitive YES! So, what kind of party am I talking about? The Tribe of Bloggers, of course!

My last blog post was nearly a full four months ago. Back in July I was on fire, fresh off the excitement of ISTE and other summer professional development. I had attended a session about blogging and was ready flex my new found muscles and share my learning and ideas with the world.

Fast forward to August and the start of the school year and it seemed I had no time to commit to this new "hobby".

Another hit on the fast forward button and we arrive to ten days ago and Jen's invitation to join the #TribeofBloggers. What is it? The rules for this party are simple... One new post every two weeks. Sounds simple, right? Ten days ago I thought the same thing and here I am, just like when I was in school, pulling an all nighter to get my first post in on time. I make this promise to my new tribe-I will not be so late with my entries-I will not wait until the deadline again.

My Blog Ideas mini notebook

I have started a notebook full of ideas that is sure to keep the posts coming (at least for the first few months) and I am excited to be typing away at the keyboard, sharing my ideas. Here's to many more "miles" of posts.