Friday, April 10, 2015

Podcast PD Week Two - Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers

Last Friday, April 3rd, I introduced the weekly series, Podcast PD and charged you with exploring educational podcasts as a way to leverage your learning in a nontraditional learning environment. I hope many of you accepted the challenge and downloaded a podcast and listened to a whole episode. I heard from a number of you that you had never explored podcasts in general, let alone educational podcasts. The feedback I received via Twitter was positive. Teachers throughout my PLN (Professional Learning Network) shared their adventures in subscribing and listening to something new. Some asked questions. Others shared their love for podcasts and made recommendations for radio shows to which they subscribe. Still others shared their experiences being interviewed for a podcast! Overall the Twitter conversation that transpired was inspiring. The conversation was so motivating and connected so many people, I decided to capture the conversation using the amazing site Storify.  I hope that you are inspired to try a new podcast this week!

This week I recommend Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers with Angela Watson (@Angela_Watson)

Angela packs a lot of power and punch into her quick (think 9-14 minutes) weekly episodes! Topics range from beating the Sunday night blues to how to approach teaching with a spirit of adventure to how to cope when a parent just doesn’t like you. Her advice is spot on and applicable to the novice and not so novice teacher. I like to listen to her podcasts Monday morning on my way to school as a way to charge the batteries for the week ahead. Her encouragement and take away truth really set a positive tone. Angela signs off on each episode by saying “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”, a quote from Art Williams. I can assure you that her podcast is worth it! For more information about Angela and Truth for Teachers visit Angela’s website at The Cornerstone For Teachers.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most PD From Your Podcast Listening Experience

PPD3.jpgAs I mentioned at the start of this post, ideas were flying around Twitter on Friday evening after a friend posted that she had downloaded and listened to her first podcast and was hooked. As we started discussing future shows to explore and others joined our conversation, the idea for a new Twitter chat was born. Please join me Sunday evening at 8:30 pm EDT for #PodcastPD. There we will discuss the learning that is taking place as we step into the virtual classrooms of some amazing podcast hosts. I hope to see you Sunday night at 8:3o!


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